Cuzzy’s reputation as an artist is as strong as the respect he’s earned on the street. A true L.A. native, born on 58th Place and Rimpau, Cuzzy knows every nook and crack of the famed south L.A. area arming him with real first hand experiences to share through his music. More than a rapper, he writes to convey his life and the life of his colleagues. A member of the Slauson Boyz, He’s been featured on numerous songs. and released “American Hoodster Volume 1” with success. Nipsey Hussle said it best, “Cuzzy is my big bro and is really the only true voice of our hood that’s respected from the young guns to the OGs.”

Cuzzy works with multiple producers, including his long time producer, Ralo Stylez. Cuzzy is a member of the production team, “The Triangle”, where he writes and performs original songs for film. His work has been featured in the hit movie “Chronicle” which grossed over $126M worldwide.